Chemspec Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner cleans stubborn and greasy soils.  It is stain resistant safe and rinses easily.  Ideal for restaurant carpet near cooking areas, offices with greasy/oily residue carried through from workshop areas, commercial carpets or any other type of carpet that is heavily soiled. 
Unlike other products that need extended dwell time periods to emulsify heavy, greasy soils, Express Lane goes to work faster, helping you get through tough jobs without standing around waiting for chemical to work.
Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner contains dual surfactant / solvent blend that emulsifies soil, suspending it on the surface for easy removal during extraction, leaving no soil-attracting residues behind. This formulation combats greasy, oily soils, asphalt walk-off, and a variety of other water- and oil-based stains.
It has multiple dilution levels for versatility and economy.  Dilute the product according to the degree of soiling.  Increase the pH to suit your conditions and fibre types.  It is an excellent pre-treatment featuring a slow drying dual surfactant formula to make pre-spraying large commercial areas quick and easy. 

What Does It Do?

Highly concentrated
Express Lane is a highly concentrated premium
traffic lane cleaner with a 1:32 dilution, the
product solvents enable it to combat greasy/oily
soils; asphalt walk‐off  and other water and oil
based stains.
Minimum residue and stain resistant resistant safe
Product meets the specifications for use on stain
resistant carpet. As with every Chemspec product
Express Lane rinses completely, leaving minimum
Dual surfactant & powerful formulation

Our new dual surfactant/solvent system emulsifies
heavy soils that have penetrated the carpet
backing, releasing soils to the surface for easy
extraction.    Specially designed for minimum
residue and stain resistant safe, yet powerfully
formulated. Ideal for restaurant carpet near
cooking areas, offices of auto repair companies,
heavily soiled commercial carpets or any carpet
this is heavily soiled with oily soil.

Express Lane’s unique dual surfactant / solvent
systems will help in preventinng wicking   
and yellowing  

ALWAYS pre test areas to be treated

Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner
pH @ use: 8.5 ‐ 9.5  
Coverage: 132 sq M per 4L  
Dilution: 120 ml to 4L water  
Appearance: Thick milky white liquid  
Fragrance: Mild solvent
Packaging: Case 4 x 3.78 Ltr


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