Lenrich Sani-Clean- Cleaning and Sanitising Solution for Fogging machines:

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to disinfect surfaces due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We at Jani clean have the best surface disinfectants on the market, keeping your surfaces clear of any potential harmful infections. 

Lenrich Sani-Clean is a mixed and blended product that has been designed for use in fogging machines, to clean and disinfect areas where COVID-19 could be left behind on hard and soft surfaces.

Lenrich Sani-Clean is a high quality concentrate a broad-spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal, viricidal cleaner that kills 99.999% of bacteria, ensuring that the entirety of the surface is completely clean and safe from potentially infectious bacteria and viruses. 

The Sani-Clean has been tested to a variety of standards including EN1276, EN13697, EN1656 & EN14476 — this elite surface disinfectant is approved by the highest standards, giving you that all-needed peace of mind.

Sani-Clean is suitable for cleaning and sanitising floors, walls, catering equipment, machines, and more, making it the perfect surface cleaner and disinfectant on the market.

Sani-Clean is suitable for disinfecting via a fogging machine method of sanitising, for maximum effect in a fogging machine for viruses use at a dilution rate of 1:9. 

Methods of Use:

Fogging through a fogging machine:

Sani-Clean is suitable for disinfecting hard, nonporous surfaces as an adjunct to cleaning and disinfecting of room surfaces.

1) Before fogging remove or protect all food products and packaging materials. Remove all animals and other livestock from the area to be fogged.

2) Be sure the room is properly ventilated. All personnel must vacate the room during fogging and for at least two hours following the fogging treatment.      Before personnel return to the treated area make sure there is no strong odour of acetic acid (vinegar) present.

3) Fog at 34 grams per cubic meter of room area using the appropriate dilution below.

Dilute with cold water accordingly,

Recommended dilution suitable for all uses.

Instructions for Bacterial Disinfection Fogging PPM 

Sani-Clean 100ml Sani-Clean + 10L water 200ppm 

Instructions for Fungicidal Disinfection Fogging PPM 

Sani-Clean 1000 ml Sani-Clean + 10L water 2000ppm

Instructions for Virucidal Disinfection Fogging PPM 

Sani-Clean 350ml Sani-Clean + 10L water 700ppm


Methods of Use:
Apply by Spray, Mop, Swab or Sponge. 

If applying by spray ensure good ventilation of the area

Dilute with cold water accordingly:

Recommended dilution suitable for all uses.

Instructions for Bacterial Disinfection

Surface disinfection PPM

Sani-Clean 100ml Sani-Clean + 10L water 200ppm

Instructions for Fungicidal Disinfection

Surface disinfection PPM

Sani-Clean 1000ml Sani-Clean + 10L water 2000ppm

Instructions for Virucidal Disinfection

Trade product Surface disinfection PPM

Sani-Clean 350ml Sani-Clean+ 10L water 700ppm

Health and Safety Notes:

On completion of treatment to the area, seal off area as a "no enter" area and do not return for a minimum 2 hrs  

When using Sani-Clean through a fogging machine as a method of cleaning and sanitising you must wear the appropriate PPE that is recommended as per the material datasheet for the product. Datasheets are given with every order of Sani-Clean.

Products may cause damage to eye/skin if people go into an area undergoing treatment without PPE.

Areas that are very difficult to seal may not be suitable for delivering airborne chemicals.

Outside areas of large-scale spraying or disinfecting such as streets or open marketplaces for the COVID-19 virus or other pathogens is not recommended.

Streets and pavements are not considered as routes of infection for COVID-19. Spraying disinfectants, even outdoors, can be dangerous to people’s health and cause eye, respiratory or skin irritation or damage.

Never mix chemicals with other chemicals

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