Taski Floor Cleaning Machines

Discover the extensive range of TASKI professional industrial floor cleaning products, a lineup renowned for its advanced cleaning technology, ergonomic design, and low maintenance costs. These machines are tailored to meet the diverse needs of commercial cleaning tasks.

Versatile and Efficient

TASKI offers both mains electric and battery-powered versions to suit various budgets, ensuring every business can find a cleaning solution that fits their needs. With various brush cleaning widths available, TASKI machines are designed to handle different types of cleaning tasks efficiently.

Decades of Trusted Performance

With over 70 years of experience in keeping customer floors spotlessly clean, TASKI focuses on producing reliable and robust cleaning machines. This commitment ensures the best return on investment for your cleaning needs.

Range of Models for Every Need

The TASKI range includes popular models such as Swingo, Ergodisc, Procarpet, Ensign, Vacumat, and Balimat. Each model is crafted to provide the best cleaning experience, whether it's for a small retail space or a large industrial area.

Browse our TASKI Floor Cleaning Machines category to find the perfect solution for your cleaning requirements. With TASKI, you're not just purchasing a machine; you're investing in a legacy of excellence in cleaning technology.

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