Taski & Sebo Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Taski vacuum cleaners are the optimal solution for cleaning in commercial buildings, where effective daily cleaning of large areas is of paramount.

Designed and manufactured for ease of use for professional users, designed to optimises air flow patterns and reduces energy losses to an absolute minimum,

which creates excellent suction power to remove more dust and dirt for the floor covering.

Best online price for Taski vacuum cleaners.

We only supply Taski and Sebo "Original Equipment Manufacturers" Products

Jani-Clean is the leading supplier of Taski Cleaning Machines with the aim of giving best prices.

Our Taski vacuum cleaner range offers a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners, providing cleaning professionals with the right solution.

For over 70 Years Taski have been improving the requirements of cleaning machines needed for floor cleaning in many industries including: Hotels,Hospitals,Restaurants,Education Facilities,Cleaning Contractors.

Always being a step ahead Taski Vacuum Cleaners are built to work and are proven in daily and heavy use in commercial sectors.

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